"This is an emotional and hopeful one, and it signals promise from the duo as they (presumably) drop more tunes ahead.”


"'Rug' is a downtempo, easy-going future ballad... I keep going back to replay it."

Indie Shuffle

"Generous is lurid bedroom pop perfection...and a track that cements Sleeping Lion as an electronic group to watch." 

The Line Of Best Fit 

"Among swelling synths and downtempo electronic percussions, all the inner struggles of the relationship are laid bare through Flaks’s heartfelt vocals...So good!"


"While Noah and Nate have been likened to the sound of The 1975, their craft is independently novel, redefining contemporary indie-pop."


"A wild blend of intricate synth drops, saxophone melodies here and there...like the cherry on top of an already flavorful song...the number one contender for best 'YDU' remix so far."


“Man. There is a pureness to how Sleeping Lion crafts the modern electronica song..."Stop It" cuts from a similar cloth."



The indie-electronic duo, Sleeping Lion, was formed by roommates Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire in Boston during the Spring of 2015. The first Sleeping Lion songs were written and produced remotely the following summer (via Skype) while Nate was living in Dobbs Ferry, NY and Noah was living in Rome, Italy.

Their first single - “You Made Me” - was released in September (2015) and quickly generated hype around Boston. Their subsequent singles - “Rug” and “Generous” - were featured on various music blogs and Spotify playlists. In July (2016), they released their debut EP - Patient Creature - which featured their unique combination of mellow electronic vibes with elements of folk and jazz.  

Following Patient Creature, Sleeping Lion produced official remixes for Opia ("YDU (Sleeping Lion Remix)"), Zealyn (“Talk:Listen (Sleeping Lion Remix)”), Axel Mansoor (“Wasted My Love - Sleeping Lion Remix”), LAOISE (“YOU - Sleeping Lion Remix”), VALNTN (“Can't Let Go (Sleeping Lion Remix)”), and Sawyer (“Easy Now (Sleeping Lion Remix)”).

In April, they released their first single of 2017 - “Stop It" - which was featured on Majestic Casual's platforms and Spotify’s “Chill Vibes” playlist.  The duo followed this success up with a string reimagination of the track, “Stop It (Stripped)”, which was received very well and demonstrated their versatility across genres.

The duo recently drove across the country to live in Los Angeles and immediately performed at The Peppermint Club and The Satellite upon arrival.  As they dove deeper into 2018, they doubled down on their efforts to develop as producers & songwriters – working with a number of Los Angeles and New York artists - and the resulting sound was their Spring release, “Easy For You”, which found success in the press, radio, and playlist features such as BMI’s New Music Monday playlist.

Sleeping Lion has also opened for touring artists such as BrasstracksVancouver Sleep ClinicVesperteen and Transviolet as they continue to build out a name for themselves.




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