"This is an emotional and hopeful one, and it signals promise from the duo as they (presumably) drop more tunes ahead."


"A wild blend of intricate synth drops, saxophone melodies... and a downtempo keyboard segment... like the cherry on top of an already flavorful song... the number one contender for best "YDU" remix so far."


"This rhapsodic human element... amalgamates the power and precision of production with the very real rawness of what can only be felt."


"Rug" is a downtempo, easy-going future ballad...I keep going back to replay it."


"Generous is lurid bedroom pop perfection...and a track that cements Sleeping Lion as an electronic group to watch."


"Passion Pit in the streets, Odessa in the sheets. I haven’t seen a combination like this yet, and I’m guessing neither has anyone else"


"A dope mix of chillwave and electronic that you can easily vibe out to."


"Emerging synth gods, Sleeping Lion...giving us exactly what we need on a monday afternoon"


"Heartbreaking electro-romanticism...resonates in harmonies and restrained production that lets the feelings set in through inexplicable channels"


"A refreshing dose of the Boston-based Musicians’ signature alternative electronic sound with easy, mellow vocals, Patient Creature is the perfect EP to unwind to or blast on a road trip with your closest friends."


"Generous" comes on like a slow burn... anchored by its woozy, seething bed of synths, and an underlying edge... that strike like pressure points throughout."


"Sleeping Lion [has] a sound that is welcoming to listen to whilst also evocative at the same time"


"Funk, jazz and electronic sound is a concoction that works although it may sound like an odd mixture"


"Listen to the pleasant surprise they are, enjoy the refreshing sound of this duo that reminds us musically of indie pop bands that are making waves like LANY and The 1975."


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